Utility Billing Policy

1005 Cascade St.
Darrington, WA 98241



9:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am – 4:00 PM

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The Town of Darrington currently serves approximately 600 utility accounts. Each bill includes service for water and garbage. Each water meter is read every other month.

Request Services
Are you new to Town? Please contact Town Hall to obtain a New Service Account Form. There is a $25.00 all registration fee due at that time. Waste Management services may be set up during the registration process. Click Here for Utility Application.

Do you need to have your water service suspended or shut off temporarily? Please fill out the Voluntary Water Shut Off Form and read through the Property Owner's Guideline to Restoring Water Services. Return the form to Town Hall for review. Send forms online to: raelynn.jones@darringtonwa.us or by mail to Town of Darrington PO Box 397, Darrington WA 98241.

Please do not attempt to shut off the meter on your own as that is a violation of the Darrington Municipal Code Chapter 13.04.240 and can lead to a fine.

Closing an Account

Any customer wishing to close their account should contact the Town Hall to provide the closing information. This will ensure that the appropriate account holder is billed accordingly.

Billing Cycles
Currently the Town of Darrington has one billing cycle which is billed every other month. Bills will go out on the first of the month. If the first of the month lands on a weekend, the bills will be processed on the following Monday. The full balance due is to be paid 20 days after the issue date.

Waste Management

It is a requirement in accordance with town ordinances that each residence or business establishment have adequate garbage service with Waste Management. For customer service or to for change WM services please call Town Hall at 360-436-1131. Visit WM/Darrington for route or inclement weather information or http://wmnorthwest.com/weatherboard.html

Are you doing a large project and need to rent a large garbage container? Visit the Waste Management Residential website for information.

Accounts are considered delinquent if the payment is not received by the Due Date shown on the bill. Per the Darrington Municipal Code, a penalty of $10.00 shall be assessed against all delinquencies.

Shut Off Notices
In the event that an account should become delinquent, a “DELINQUENT/TERMINATION NOTICE” will be issued. Please consider this a final notice that your water will be disconnected IF full payment plus any late charges is not received by the due date on the “DELINQUENT/TERMINATION NOTICE”. In order to reinstate service due to failure to pay; total balance plus an additional $100 reinstatement fee will be required.

The Town of Darrington accepts the following payment methods

· Cash- Is only accepted in person at Town Hall.

· Checks- Are accepted in person or by mail.

· Credit Card- (Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card) are accepted on-line and in the office. See link below for making an online payment. There is a fee using credit or Debit.

*You can set-up and manage your automatic payments or a one-time payment using this option. You can pay using either a credit/debit card or an electronic check by following the link on to a secured website. This is a safe and easy to use bill pay option.

Click Here for Online Credit/ Debit Payments

· After Hours Drop Box Location- You can make your payment after hours in our drop box located at City Hall, 1005 Cascade Street near main entrance.Payments placed in the drop box will be posted the next business day. Note: Please do not place cash in the drop box.

The land owner on record is responsible for all charges on the account until the Town of Darrington has been notified of any changes. Any person can pay on an active account. Any previous balance must be paid in full before the next customer requests service. Please notify the Clerk-Treasurer or Deputy Clerk to request shut off or restoration of services.

Water *Based on Bi-Monthly Billing Cycle

Base Rate (1200 cubic feet)


Next 2400 cubic feet

$0.05 per cubic foot

Over 6600 cubic feet

$0.055 per cubic foot

Water Reserve


Garbage * Call 360-436-1131

Rate per Waste Management

$ - Per WM+tax

Garbage Administrative Fee